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Mindfulness for Women

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Key Features
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Top businesswoman, an employee of the month, world’s best mom, the ultimate social butterfly, an enlightened being or all of these at once –
It’s the one app you need to become all that you aspire to be.

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Guided meditations for every mood


10 minutes or less, you decide!


Customized journey for all ages & moods


Special badges to track your progress



Recommendations according to your cycles

The World’s Only Meditation App for Women Is Here!


Whether you are holding the fort at home or leading a group of colleagues at work, Aspire understands your need for peace and joy and encourages you to work toward your own aspirations.

About Us

Story of Aspire

On a mission to help every woman find her own peace of mind, Aspire, aims to make everyday mindfulness obtainable for all. Designed by women who actually understand a modern woman’s issues and are experts of mindfulness, the app offers personalized, mood-based recommendations backed by period tracking (coming soon!), that will take care of all your special needs through every phase of your life. Don’t worry if you’ve never mediated before, Aspire is perfect for beginners and advanced meditators alike!


Sis, as you hustle through each day, juggling multiple roles, Aspire makes sure peace and happiness never leave your side. Over 200 easy-to-follow meditations across tens of relevant categories such as PMS Relief, Sleep Sounds, Pregnancy Wellness, and meditations personalized for different roles women play like Mom, Student, Entrepreneur, Grandma — all work to bring you closer to who you really aspire to be.


Even though the benefits of meditation are well known, a lot of us still have trouble remembering or finding the time to meditate. That all changes with Aspire, as it offers meditations based on your availability with the majority of meditations on the app lasting a quick 10-minutes or less!


Think of Aspire as your ultimate cheerleader, confidant, best friend, and even a punch bag on ‘those’ days, as it understands you and your needs like no other app on your phone. Aspire helps you not just pass each day but live it to the fullest.


We at Aspire believe that, Meditation is the margarita for the soul. In that case, think of Aspire as your friendly neighbourhood bartender, serving good vibes only!

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Start your mindfulness journey today!

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