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November 5, 2020


PITTSBURGH – On a mission to help every woman find her own peace of mind, Aspire, the world’s first guided meditation platform for women, has officially launched for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Designed for women, by women, Aspire encourages its users to practice daily meditation to promote the essence of calmness, tranquility and serenity. Featuring exclusive and curated content for its users, Aspire makes practicing daily meditation simple and fun with daily reminders and the ability to complete sessions at home or on the go.

Unlike traditional meditation apps that tend to offer generic sessions, Aspire is focused on helping women of all age groups practice mindfulness through personalized, mood-based recommendations that are easy to follow. Courses have been designed for beginners and pros alike, making Aspire easily tailorable to anyone regardless of their meditation journey.

Other notable features include personality charts that can show users how their patience, responsiveness, confidence and other metrics compare to each other. The app also offers unlockable rewards to encourage the continued daily practice of meditation.

“Meditation is known to have special benefits for women, including healthier pregnancies, reduced PMS pain, improved performance at work and much more,” said Himani Sahni, the Chief Communications Officer at Aspire. “Women of different ages and professions need specialized meditations to fulfill their individual aspirations. By providing a carefully curated and intelligent meditation solution for your daily needs, Aspire customizes a healing and mindfulness journey based on your moods and hormonal cycles, bringing you closer to happiness, peace and who you really aspire to be.”

With an Aspire Premium subscription, users will receive a new meditation every day driven by mood-based recommendations submitted by the user. Premium members will also have the option to download and listen to meditations offline, making long trips without a connection to the outside world more enjoyable.

Aspire Premium pricing starts at $24.99 for three months, however, a limited-time holiday offer to coincide with the app’s launch will start at $39.99 for a full year or just $3.33 a month following a free seven-day trial.

By using Aspire, users can quickly begin to find the ability to silence one's mind, a key tenet to spiritual, mental and physical liberation.

Countless studies have shown that making meditation a daily ritual has been proven to positively affect the lives of many people. Even though the benefits of meditation are well documented, many people still have trouble remembering or finding the time to meditate.

That all changes with Aspire.

While in beta, the app has gained nearly 10,000 users and is continuing to grow. Come launch day, it will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The app has been in development for over a year by a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based team of 12 developers, designers and meditation authors.



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